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Dr. Mrinal Debbarma.
Consultant physician at Teliamura Sub-division Hospital.

COVID19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) is defined as illness caused by a novel corona virus now called (SARS-COV-2). On January/30/2020, the WHO declared the COVID19 Outbreak a global health emergency. Considering the population density of our country and state with huge population in rural areas, the rapidly rising number of COVID19 patients has made the COVID hospitals and centres saturated and overburdened. Despite these challenges, the policy makers can take a three pronged approach to stop the epidemic. These are to invest and prepare health care providers in rural areas for the epidemic; massive awareness campaign programme to educate people; and to create a strong surveillance system like rapid detection and isolation which can help in reducing the spread and fatality.

It is never too late from our end to co-operate with the policy makers and health care providers to lessen the challenges in the fight against COVID19. Firstly as a responsible citizen it is our duty to prevent the population with high risk like childrens, older group and people with co-morbidities or any chronic illness such that they do not get in contact with COVID19 patient or do not go to places where chances of contracting the disease is high.

It is also our duty to get tested as soon as possible in nearest health centres and also advise our colleagues and neighbours in case there is any symptoms like fever, dry cough, difficulty in breathing etc. With the government Policy for home isolation for COVID19 patient, the advantage of being tested is that the individual can get isolated from other neighbours and family members by opting for home isolation and staying at home itself if symptoms are mild, hence decreasing the chance of spread and also help break the chain. The health care workers wil monitor you during your home treatment.
Let us also continue with hand hygiene, use of masks and maintenance of physical distance.
We shall overcome one day.

By Dr. Mrinal Debbarma. MBBS, MD(MEDICINE) Consultant physician at Teliamura Sub-division Hospital.

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