“Education” an indespensible of humankind.

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Subal Ch.Debbarma, Retd. Headmaster, Mandwi Academy Govt. E.M.School, Tripura

We the common people habituated to understand that those who acquired the degree or diploma from recognized institution he or she is an educated person.But the Education cannot be confined with in the fabric of learning or having skills in particular field etc. People always learn from their daily life situation which they encountered whatever. That is why Rama Krihna Param Hans uttered”Jotodin banchi totodin shikshi”means as long as we live we learn something else.Hence Education is an endless process. It has more widen aspect and vision. Some educationist, philosopher and scholar gave the definition of education in their perspectives and point of views. Here is a very little scope to discuss the detailed definition given by them in this regard. Let us have a look what a few thinkers or scholars of our country say about it. M.K Gandhi says “Education means all-round drawing out of the best in child and man—body, mind, and spirit. “According to it education is the way of personality development of different dimension of moral, mental and emotional. On the other hand Swami Vivekanand defined education as ‘Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men’. So to make perfect by developing of hidden talent which every one acquired instinctively (God’s given) should be emphasized. Therefore education is most essential and the part and parcel need of human development and and progess. To uplift humankind from various kinds of superstitition, ignorance, incompetency, incapability etc and made them bloom as good citizen, patriotic spirit, morally sound, scientific minded, helpful, socially responsible person, and other humanitarian quality there is no other alternative way except imparting education.

In India in the era of Mahabharata education is limited with in Bhramins and Khatriyas or upper castes soceity, Dalits or Shudras had no right to have the education. If somebody acquired or attained it, it was believed as unjust or wrong things.We see it in the case of Ekalaviya who had to made Guru Daskhina by cutting his thumb. As much as the progress and development occurred in the world or human society the caste system become weaken and education is gradually for universal. terms of But due to many reasons or factors education does not vulnerable to all nations or people. In our state i.e. in Tripura the mechanism of education is not properly designed everywhere specially in the area of Tiprasa or A.D.C. Here people cannot avail the opportunity of education satisfactorily. Many constrains and barriers like poverty, lack of infrastructure in the learning institution, undeveloped of road communication, be lack ing of appropriate messure of Govt, ment etc are over here.Now the present Govtment declared ‘Atma nirbar Bharat’ It is true education is the pre conditioned of Atma nirbar. The nation is called developed if their rate of educated people is huge in number. There fore Government both central or local should come forward in correct way to improve the present system of extending education in the area of A.D.C. or Tiprasa. Because they are the most backward in education and economically marginalised people of the state. Moreover N.G.O.s political personalities and parties, social organizations, thinkers as well as teachers should have to made their contribution imparting the education to century neglected Tiprasa people.

Date-07 Sep. 2020 Lt.Subal Ch.Debbarma, Retd. Headmaster, Mandwi Academy Govt. E.M.School, Tripura

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